Using a Remote Control

It is possible to use a standard Infra-Red remote control to operate the Centro-8M. Remote control button triggers can execute any actions, including sending IR, RS232 or IP commands, or even to trigger entire macros. With the use of dependent flags, the buttons pressed on the remote control can perform different functions depending on the state of the flags.

In order to use this functionality, you will need the IR receiver connected to the IR IN of the Centro-8M.

Setting up the Triggers

Use the 'IR Triggers' menu to access the setup screen. The IR receiving function uses LIRC to match codes seen with an LIRC command file. The software comes with 2 such LIRC files, more can be obtained here.

Use the 'Add LIRC File' option to select an LIRC file, and give the file a friendly name. You can add multiple LIRC files, allowing several remote controls to operate the Centro-8M. Once you click on an LIRC file which has been added, you will see the list of buttons for the remote control:

Setting up Remote Control Triggers

Assigning Actions to Triggers

For each button, you can double click to bring up the standard DemoPad action editor to enter 1 or more actions to perform when the Centro-8M receives the IR code.

Note it is possible to use the 'Assign Commands' function to automatically populate triggers with commands quickly, using the name contained with the LIRC file as the Auto Assign text. Remember to use the advanced auto assign options if you need to have multiple button press actions dependent on the state of flags.