The Centro-8M is a powerful intelligent control and automation processor. This means it can be used for both manual and automated tasks.

It is designed to be used in conjunction with the DemoPad Designer PC software suite. This is used to create a control system running on tablet and smartphone devices and the use of a hard button remote (such as a Sky or TiVo infra red remote) to control all your equipment.

The control system you create can also be used with Apple or Pebble watch. And using the MAKER Channel of IFTTT Amazon Echo integration for voice control and notifications. The 8M can be programmed to send IR control commands locally from any of the three IR emitter ports and/or instruct another 8M or other device on the Network to issue commands.

The built in clock is astronomically aware so it knows the dusk / dawn times for your location. Custom timed programming can for example turn your lights on 10 minutes after sunset, except on weekends and not in the summer.

A great feature to experiment with, control garden lighting, water features etc. Monitor your security intruder alarm (Texecom Premier Elite) and your climate control (Heatmiser etc.) so if your alarm is set (no one present) automatically shutdown systems such as lights, TV's, climate, close blinds and curtains at dusk etc. Create complex MACROs to automate tasks and action in response to events.

This can also be triggered by a hard button remote: so an IR command can be received locally by 8M and say turn the TV on and select the HDMI port with the optional RS232 cable control your AV cinema receiver to select sound channels and sources etc. And also via the network instruct other systems to turn lights on, set the mood scene, etc.